What Patients Are Saying

What patients are saying about groups:

  • “I know that without the group I could never have maintained any sort of equilibrium.  The other group members have educated and supported me.”
  • “I liked the balance in our group discussion. We all were given ample opportunity to talk about our needs, experiences and feedback on content. It was helpful being taught basic things like identifying stress, talking over actual problems.”
  • “Being able to speak openly about cancer and its ramifications has been helpful. People who have not experienced cancer are afraid to talk about it, therefore, the group is the only place where one can air one’s fears or ask questions. The only place where one is completely at ease and comfortable.”
  • “I feel brave and ready to fight any cancer. I’m happier after every time I meet with the group.”
  • “The caring and camaraderie of the group is wonderful. I am the newest member and the facilitator and everyone in the lung group have reached out to help me in any way they can. I feel I have contributed some value to the group as well. The openness of subject matter has been truly helpful as cancer is a journey none of us expected to take and to be able to talk about everyone’s condition/treatments/ options/the future has helped me more than I can express. I deeply care about these people who were virtual strangers a few months ago. The leader is wonderful, a great listener and constant source of very valuable information.”
  • “I had always wanted to meditate.  I wish it didn’t take having cancer to have this opportunity and time to do it. I’m very anxious so the meditation has been helping me to relax.”
  • “The leader of the group is a very empathetic and a gentle leader. I felt very safe in this group. Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience.”
  • “Each group brings me closer to understanding my experience with cancer and my life. In particular, this group helped me with networking. They are always helpful and encouraging.”
  • “I’m so glad I took the Healing Through Art group even though I am not an artist.  It is so much more than I could have anticipated or hoped for.”
  • “The support group has been a wonderful source of information, and a great place to be able to open up and face one’s fears. I thought that I could go through the experience of cancer without help, but I found that I did not do well alone. Thank you for all that you do!”

What patients are saying about psychological support and counseling:

  • “Had it not been for the Center I feel I would have had a more difficult time with treatment. The staff make you feel cared for during an extremely lonely time. I find hope here.”
  • “I feel blessed that the Center is part of my treatment at UCLA. Without the services, the quality of my life would not be as good as it is today. Thanks so much to all the people at the [Simms/Mann] Center for your dignity and grace in dealing with me.”
  • “It has been an amazing source of support throughout my ordeal. It helped me to have a positive attitude in this emotional rollercoaster.”
  • “Over the last year and a third we’ve received a great amount of support from the Simms/Mann Center. The emotional and psychological assistance has been the most useful way to cope with this unbelievable occurrence.”
  • “The Simms/Mann Center has been a resource to help with this very stressful and life-changing experience.  With the help of a clinician, I have been able to have someone help guide me through the many issues that have arisen: personal, family and spousal issues.  It’s been a good experience – one that I would recommend others to have.”
  • “The professional staff at the Simms/Mann Center offer a safe haven to cancer patients and their families. In a life filled with doctors appointments and insurance struggles – the peaceful surroundings and encouragement offered the minute you open the door are a G-dsend.”
  • “The services provided make all the difference between hope and despair.”
  • “Therapists at Simms/Mann Center have been remarkable in helping me to cope, to grow and to live a happier life. Very professional and skilled at their jobs, very caring. I appreciate so much all I have been able to find at this wonderful place.”
  • “The Simms/Mann Center has been a godsend to me.  I was overwhelmed by the prospect of my mastectomy, and the breast cancer support group helped me tremendously.”
  • “Individual counseling has been my rock to get through this rough time.”
  • “Counseling has helped me express my feelings/concerns about my issues.  It has helped me greatly.”
  • “The center has been an utmost support system to our family as we navigate through this crisis.  The knowledge of what physical and emotional support services that are available to us and the fact we can tap these resources when the need arises has been giving us peace of mind.”

What patients are saying about the Integrative Oncology Counseling and how it has helped them:

  • “The Integrative Oncology Specialists extensive knowledge of herbs and nutrients and their effect on a woman’s body going through menopause was so helpful to me.”
  • “The information and guidance related to diet/ supplements/ lifestyle really helped me establish priorities and cleared up my confusion regarding food choices. INVALUABLE!”
  • “To meet with a specialist knowledgeable about cancer and nutrition was for me wonderful. This was exactly what I have been looking for since I was diagnosed.”
  • “The whole tone of the consultation made me feel as if I really would be able to be a partner in my healing, which I intend to be. Plus I never knew how much protein I was supposed to be eating.”
  • “Qi Gong has given me a sense of peace and well-being. Nutrition overview was excellent.”
  • “Information regarding nutrition and supplements was very helpful!”
  • “The Integrative Oncology Specialist was extremely knowledgeable and sensitive to my needs.”

What patients are saying about Insights:

  • “I wouldn’t miss these lectures… Each one has been so interesting and helpful”
  • “Thank you for providing this lecture series. It is outstanding and so helpful to myself and my family”
  • “I can always count on the Center to provide me with reliable and accurate information”
  • “I love it that you cover mainstream medicine as well as mind-body approaches!”
  • “These are the best lectures anywhere on cancer and integrative oncology.  Keep them coming!”