Product Spotlight – Kaminski Hats

Helen Kaminski is a leading brand of fashion and lifestyle accessories. Based in Sydney, Australia the company’s international reputation for innovative headwear with a relaxed chic attitude extends over 25 years. Learn more »

Know What You’re Made Of…

Bio-impedance Analysis (BIA) or body composition testing is a quick, painless, non-invasive and safe test to identify how much muscle and how much fat you have and what shape you are (for instance, are you an apple or a pear). Learn more »

Physical Changes

Being upset by the loss of hair or changes in physical appearance is not vanity. The physical appearance changes brought about by cancer are extremely powerful. Learn more »

Choosing a Support Group

Choosing a support group that is right for you is an important decision. It can be difficult if you are not used to joining groups. At the Simms/Mann Center, our clinical staff will help you identify what groups make sense for your situation and which ones might not. Learn more »

Tending to Your Spirit…

Our very own inter-faith Chaplain, Michael Eselun, has an article featured in the Sept/Oct issue of Coping with Cancer magazine. The article looks at what feeds the soul of each person and how a diagnosis of cancer can affect their ability to be fulfilled. Learn more »


Lymphedema is sometimes a consequence of cancer treatments such as radiation and surgery. It occurs when the lymph vessels or lymph nodes are damaged by the treatments. Learn more »


Sometimes with cancer and other serious illnesses there is a time when no more curative treatment options are available. This can be a scary time for patients and their families because it means that end of life issues are placed on the table in a way that they cannot be ignored. Learn more »

Integrative Assessments

A lot of times when someone is diagnosed with cancer or has a cancer recurrence, there is a need on the part of the people in the support environment to be helpful. Learn more »