My friend or loved one has cancer… What should I say? What should I do?

When a friend or family member is diagnosed with cancer, those around them are often at a loss about what to say or do to help. Simms/Mann Center Director, Anne Coscarelli, has accumulated a wealth of information from professionals and patients about the wonderful things that people have said or done – as well as a few horror stories. Learn more »


If your only experience with soup involves a can opener and microwave, it’s time to take this wonderful and nutritious meal a little more seriously. Learn more »

Inflammatory Processes and Cancer

Anti-inflammatory foods are important for everyone, and are especially important for those dealing with cancer. Anti-inflammatory foods fight inflammatory processes. Learn more »

In Sickness and In Health: Cancer and Couples

Cancer is a couple’s disease. It affects the psychological well-being of each person, requires both partners to utilize coping strategies, and can affect the dynamic relationship between partners. Navigating cancer requires commitment on the part of patients and partners. Learn more »

Building a Healing Toolbox

Imagine a tool box—paint it whatever color you like, decorate it with any symbols you choose, imagine its many compartments—in which various tools are stored and new ones can be added to facilitate improving wellness, wellbeing, meaning, and quality of life. Learn more »