Weight Training Study Reveals Benefits after having Breast Cancer

In a new study in the academic journal Healthcare, FSU Professor of Exercise Science Lynn Panton reveals that weight training can be beneficial to breast cancer survivors. After cancer treatment has ended it is common to have lost some muscle and bone strength from inactivity caused from the impact of treatment. Weight training was shown Learn more »

Nutrition Tips after Cancer Treatment Ends

A new study published in the journal Cancer reports that on average, those that have gone through cancer treatments eat a less healthy diet afterwards than the overall population. In a nationwide, telephone based survey of 1,533 cancer survivors and 3,075 individuals who never had cancer matched by age, sex and race and ethnicity, cancer Learn more »

Cancer Risk from Sitting Too Much

According to the American Cancer Society, women who stay seated for more than 6 hours a day during their free time have at least a 10% increased risk of getting any cancer than women who sit for 3 hours or less per day. Specific cancers that become more of a risk for women include multiple Learn more »

Partnership of Generosity and Gratitude

In the Spring of 2015, Darcie Denkert Notkin and Shelby Notkin made a generous offer to the Simms/Mann – UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology: they would match, up to $150,000, all donations made by new donors and donations over what individuals had given in the previous fiscal year. This Matching Challenge Grant had a short Learn more »

Persimmon and Açai Berry Nutritional Benefits

Persimmon Diospyros kaki Japanese persimmons are a delicious fruit that ripens from a green tomato shape into an orange or red ripe fruit. They may be eaten raw and are an excellent source of provitamin A and a good source of fiber. These fruit are considered a delicacy in Asia where they probably originated from Learn more »

Facilitator Spotlight: Kathryn de Planque

I discovered Imagery when I was studying for my doctorate in the 90’s. There was a lot of emphasis on mind-body work in my program, and I was introduced to the power of imagery. I was told at that time that experiencing the image of one’s childhood room would be significant and powerful, but I Learn more »

Aaron’s “Live Like A Warrior” Campaign

Most young people do not imagine receiving a cancer diagnosis and yet it happens more often than most people know. While the struggles of living life with cancer can be a hard reality for young people to face, having the support of great family and friends can help ease some of the stress from the Learn more »

Health Benefits from Olives (Including Tapenade Recipe)

Olives are a key part of the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.  Olives come from trees that can be hundreds of years old and there is archeological evidence of their growth more than 10,000 years ago.  Olive trees grow well in California as well as the other major producers of Spain, Italy and Greece. Learn more »

UCLA 2015 Women’s Health Conference

On May 9th, 2015, renowned UCLA physicians who currently practice locally in the community were invited to share the absolute latest medical breakthroughs and treatments covering a broad spectrum of women’s health issues at UCLA Women’s Health Conference. Attendees of this event were educated about important topics, empowering them for better health and to allow Learn more »

Face Off With Cancer Hockey Tournament

On Saturday, June 20th, Face Off With Cancer hosted a special 3-on-3 tournament and skills challenge to raise money and awareness for the cancer community. On top of holding this fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, money was given to members of the Southern California hockey community that have been affected by cancer. Simms/Mann – Learn more »