Support Groups

Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better is a free program offered at Simms/Mann – UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology with the American Cancer Society that’s dedicated to improving the quality of life and self-esteem of people with cancer. Quarterly group sessions held at the Simms/Mann Center teach beauty techniques to help patients address the physical changes that Learn more »

Companioning the Bereaved

To be a companion to the bereaved means being totally present to the mourner by offering a safe place for them to embrace their feelings. This safe place also allows the companion to be truly present to another person’s intimate pain. Tears and sorrow, with the listening and sharing of experiences, can bring about very Learn more »

Aaron’s “Live Like A Warrior” Campaign

Most young people do not imagine receiving a cancer diagnosis and yet it happens more often than most people know. While the struggles of living life with cancer can be a hard reality for young people to face, having the support of great family and friends can help ease some of the stress from the Learn more »

Exploring Qi Gong with Xiaojun

Qi Gong is a form of moving meditation that has been shown to have a positive impact on the quality of life for people living with cancer. Unlike other forms of exercise, Qi Gong doesn’t require much physical exertion yet it still helps to improve your health and maintain wellness while also increasing your physical Learn more »

Life After Cancer

After cancer treatment has ended, it is hard to not worry about cancer coming back. There’ll be reminders of your cancer experience when you have to see your doctor for follow ups. You may also have side effects from the treatments that bring back memories of what you went through. Some may find that it Learn more »

Caring for Cancer Caregivers

Caregivers for individuals with cancer are an extremely important part of cancer care and patients’ well-being.  Although a lot of attention is placed on the needs of the patients who are undergoing treatment, sometimes the needs of the caregiver are forgotten or not acknowledged.  Caregivers face many of their own hardships and need a range Learn more »

Young Adults with Cancer

If you’re in your 20s and 30s, do you think about getting cancer? Most young people do not imagine receiving a cancer diagnosis and yet it happens.  Although cancer is less common in the 18-45 year old range versus those older, it happens more often than most people know. While 18 and 45 are worlds Learn more »

Healing Through Art

Creative Life Changes through Artistic Expression The Healing Through Art workshop at Simms/Mann — UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology offers cancer patients and cancer survivors a safe space for artistic expression and enhancing psychological insights while addressing topics related to health and illness, embracing life and end of life concerns. Art techniques in this workshop Learn more »

Facilitator Spotlight: Suzanne Levanas

This month we are spotlighting Suzanne Levanas, LCSW, BCD, OSW-C, Licensed Clinical Oncology Social Worker, and the facilitator for our new Breast Cancer Support Group at the Santa Monica clinic. Learn more »