Mother’s Day 2018 Featured Products

Reflections Boutique has a fine selection of products for the perfect Mother’s Day gift!


Co-designers Dat Tran and Pat Gough were inspired to create LUA on a journey to the countryside in the Far East where they discovered a community of rice farmers and skillful silk artisans. Taken by the beauty and quality of the exotic textiles, natural silk harvesting method, traditional weaving techniques, rich artistry and craftsmanship, they formed a partnership with the farmers to promote naturally made accessories and apparel. A chance meeting helped shape a perfect partnership between the designers and silk farmers. This endeavor has led to a sustainable livelihood for the community and its centuries old craft.

You will find a wide selection of one-of-a-kind, hand dyed silk and linen scarves of every color imaginable. Prices range from $40 – $50.


Chocolate and Steel is handcrafted in the designer’s solar powered studio with a team of three studio helpers and a small local LA casting studio.  We take every care to maintain the integrity of American made products and processes with each step in crafting our jewelry. Designer, Christine Street believes American made is about choice and the ability to transform the world we live in through conscious consumerism. Every time you purchase Chocolate and Steel you are upholding the values of supporting small business, fair labor practices, quality craftsmanship from quality material, sustainability, and eco-conscious practices.

Our boutique offers a selection of Chocolate and Steel’s repurposed gold and silver necklaces that are beautiful and inspiring. Prices range from $62 – $78.


The tradition of hand block printing is preserved in the Anokhi line through unique designs, block-printed cotton textiles, and superb hand construction. Anokhi is well known in preserving and revitalizing traditional textile skills, and for its involvement with educational and social projects in Rajasthan, India, where the company is based and its products produced. Anokhi hand block printing, on the highest quality pure cotton, begins with handmade teak printing blocks, each of which takes two days to carve. Printers stamp every three-meter block of cloth approximately one thousand times. All the decorative stitching is done by hand.

You will find a wide selection of Anokhi tunics and scarves at Reflections. Prices range from $24 – $28 for scarves. Tunics are $76.


Into each piece of their raw, sugar-free Addictive Wellness chocolate, Co-Founders Sage and AnnaBlanca infuse their love for life, nature, and their desire to give back. Sage was trained under the world’s leading master herbalists and nutrition and longevity experts in Costa Rica, Australia, Bali, China, and the United States. Addictive Wellness consistently sources the purest and most potent botanicals from certified organic operations or from wild remote mountain environments in rich soil watered by natural springs. The raw ingredients, including the cacao and other superfoods are never heated above 118° to protect the integrity of all nutrients. No genetically modified organisms or their derivatives are used in their chocolate. Addictive Wellness donates 5% of net profits to environmental organizations working to save the only known planet with chocolate.

Addictive Wellness chocolate comes beautifully packaged in small, 1.5 oz boxes for $7.75

Essential Oils

DoTERRA essential oils are carefully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy. Each DoTERRA essential oil is also tested using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol.

Reflections offers diffusing oils and roller balls. Prices range from $20 – $46.

Buddha necklaces

Buddha necklaces range in price from $112 – $220.

Books Range from $14-$20.