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Anne CoscarelliThe newsletter has always had a column, “From the Director” written by the Center’s Director, Anne Coscarelli, Ph.D. These articles cover a range of topics. Some are opinion based while others summarize an area of research on topics related to coping with cancer. Many of the articles provide practical advice.
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Cancer Support Community Links

For those of you who would like to seek additional information about cancer and its treatment, we have assembled an extensive listing of web sites that focus on many topics that may be of interest to you. The categories of sites in this collection offer excellent resources.
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Our Newsletter

We hope you find some useful information in the current issue of our Center’s newsletter:

SimmsMann News Spring 2017Simms/Mann News: Spring 2017
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+ I Have a Powerful Urge to Communicate with You
+ Treating Cancer With the Immune System
+ Cancer of the Brain: Primary Tumors and Other Metastatic Disease
+ Nutrition and Cancer
+ Physical Therapy For Recovery After Undergoing Cancer Treatments: Restoring Mobility, Strength, and Wellness
+ Pancreatic Cancer 2016: Surgical and Medical Treatment

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Media Downloads

The Simms/Mann – UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology welcomes the media to help educate the public about integrative oncology. We have and will continue to participate in stories that will educate patients, families and the public about all aspects of patient centered care. We have many programs of interest to the community that help patients to optimize their wellness. Our experts are happy to speak to you.
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To arrange an interview, please contact:

Anne Coscarelli, Ph.D.
Director, Simms/Mann – UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology
Office:  (310) 794 – 6644