Small Group Integrative Seminars

Small educational group seminars are often an economical way to get information and learn from experts as well as share information with others in similar situations.

Educational Groups by an Integrative Oncology Specialist

We offer a range of small group seminars (4-6 participants) on specific topics to help individuals develop strategies to increase wellness while living with cancer, its treatments and beyond.

These seminars are intimate and allow for some individual attention while still covering all the basic information on the topic.

Our experts also will arrange seminars for specific subgroups of patients with a similar diagnosis.  Contact us with a group of 4-6 people with interest in a particular topic and we will tailor the seminar to the group’s specific needs.

There is a fee of $150.00 per person for these groups. They are not covered by medical insurance.

Family members may not attend without separate payment to maintain the intimate character of these groups.

Examples of some of the intimate seminars include:

  • Turning Down the Heat: Natural Strategies to Help Manage Menopause without increasing your cancer risk.
  • Let Food Be Your Medicine: Nutritional Strategies to Reduce the Risk of Cancer:  Discuss strategies for dietary choices and weight management to lower risk of cancer
  • Symptom Management During Cancer Treatment: Natural therapies and mind/body techniques  to manage common side effects of chemotherapy and radiation
  • Nutritional Strategies During Cancer Treatment: Healthful strategies to maintain weight, healthy lean body mass and wellness during treatment
  • Am I Done Now? How to Live Your Life After Treatment is Done:  Dietary and life style strategies to maximize wellness once cancer treatment is complete
  • Nutritional Strategies to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer: Discuss strategies for dietary choices and weight management to lower risk of breast cancer, especially useful for younger female relatives of breast cancer patients
  • Preparation for Surgery:  Discuss strategies (dietary choices, supplementation and mind/body skills) which improve outcome and help reduce pain/discomfort after surgery