Gifts in Honor of and Gifts in Memory of

Many of the gifts we receive are in memory or in honor of others. These gifts are a meaningful way to pay tribute to an individual, to recognize a birthday, anniversary, holiday or other life event.

We have also benefited from creative gift-giving: performing arts organizations have donated a night’s box office proceeds; individuals have directed gifts to us in lieu of anniversary or birthday presents or to recognize and thank friends and family members who have helped them through the cancer experience. Others have sent gifts to our Center in place of the holiday cards that they traditionally mail to friends and family.

Insights Into Cancer Series lectures may be dedicated to someone. His or her name will appear on the program and in the newsletter when the summary of the lecture is reported. Information also will be provided about the special person during the lecture. Contact the Administrator to arrange for this type of gift (310) 794-1923.

If the gift is in memory or in recognition of someone, please include the name and address of the person who should be notified. A personal acknowledgement will be sent stating that a gift has been received in memory of the individual specified and that it will be used to further the Center’s mission. The amount of the gift will not be disclosed.