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Aaron’s “Live Like A Warrior” Campaign

AaronMost young people do not imagine receiving a cancer diagnosis and yet it happens more often than most people know. While the struggles of living life with cancer can be a hard reality for young people to face, having the support of great family and friends can help ease some of the stress from the situation. We’d like to take a moment to share a heartfelt group effort from friends and supporters of a young man that has participated in services provided by the Simms/Mann Center.

Aaron was diagnosed with Neurotropic Melanoma in January of 2012. Since then he’s undergone several surgeries and multiple rounds of radiation and chemotherapy. He continues to fight the good fight — and in doing so, inspires us all with his unyielding strength and positivity. If you’d like to hear more of his story, visit his CaringBridge blog — but know that his eloquent prose and incredible wisdom will likely move you to tears.

His friends ultimately decided to start an online fundraiser selling t-shirts that said “Live Like A Warrior.” Aaron strives to live by this motto. He has been grateful for the support from loved ones and their determination to help with the financial strains from a recent operation and cancer treatments. But once Aaron found out about the campaign, he decided to have donations not only help him directly, but to generously give half of the money to the Simms/Mann Center. Aaron has benefited from the free counseling services provided to cancer patients and has been an active participant in the Young Adult support group for the past few years.

The Simms/Mann UCLA Center provides a support group for young adults facing the challenges of cancer. Some challenges include managing cancer treatments, figuring out disability and insurance, navigating a confusing healthcare system, or trying to keep up with work or school. The Center also helps address feelings of being left behind by friends, trying to date or start a family, or coping with family role changes. These concerns all depend on the individual and the Center provides a group environment to share their struggles. For more information to join this support group, go to:

What originally had a $3,000 goal has officially exceeded $8,500 with 216 shirts sold! This campaign continues to bring in donations as the deadline of ending on August 1st approaches. If you are interested in helping Aaron’s cause and supporting the “Live Like A Warrior” fundraiser, please click on the following link to access his online campaign page:

The Simms/Mann UCLA Center is truly appreciative of being a part of Aaron’s journey. We want to help encourage everyone to live by his example and “Live Like A Warrior.” The Center is fully donor funded so every donation helps to provide valuable services, free of charge to cancer patients, their family members, and care givers. Special thank you once again to Aaron and his supporters for your generosity!

Many of our programs for young adults with cancer are in partnership with the Tower Cancer Research Foundation that has provided a grant the past two years and our group is partially supported through the Alan and Nancy Baer Foundation who have been long time supporters of many programs at the Center.

Updated August 4th, 2015

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