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Cancer and Your Lifestyle

BikingThe importance of making the necessary lifestyle and behavioral choices to lower the risk of cancer cannot be overstated. A recent article in Medscape, Cancers Caused by Lifestyle Behaviors: Experts Urge Action, spotlighting the 2014 World Cancer Report, puts emphasis on the importance of making necessary lifestyle and behavioral choices in order to lower the risk of cancer. Both lifestyle habits and behaviors have a substantial impact on increasing the risk of a range of different cancers. Lifestyle factors include physical activity, diet, managing weight, alcohol consumption, tobacco use, exposure to sun, and other harmful environmental elements.

Making steps to better manage your lifestyle will significantly improve physical health and wellness, in addition to prolonging life and lowering your risk of cancer. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of cancer. Maintaining control over weight and reducing obesity is an important priority for preventing cancer. Reducing alcohol intake, and for cancer patients completely removing alcohol from their diets. Lastly reducing or eliminating tobacco use all together, both smoke and smokeless, because tobacco is still the most prominent lifestyle cause for cancer. Tobacco remains the world’s leading cause of cancer mortality.

Here at the Simms/Mann – UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology we offer Individual Integrative Oncology Assessments. Carolyn Katzin, our Integrative Oncology Specialist, has over 20 years of experience in utilizing this technology as well as training in biochemistry, nutritional science, food science and molecular nutrition. The individual integrative assessment is a great opportunity for patients to work with Carolyn to review their current wellness plan or to create a personalized wellness plan that could be more beneficial for them. These assessments give Carolyn the ability to work with patients to develop a personalized and comprehensive health plan that incorporates nutrition, supplements such as vitamins, minerals and herbs, and exercise to increase muscle mass.

For more information on the impacts of lifestyle behaviors and cancer click here. To learn more about our Individual Integrative Oncology Assessments or to schedule an appointment with Carolyn Katzin, call the Center at (310) 794 – 6644.

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