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Curious About What’s in Your Sunscreen?

Summer is now here and we are using Sunscreen with greater frequency but don’t have a strong sense of what our bodies are absorbing. Skin cancer continues to be the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States so prevention is Key to ensuring the safety of our wellness. This Podcast called Getting Curious hosted by Netflix star, Jonathan Van Ness, speaks with Dr. Newsom who is a professor of dermatology at UCLA Health Santa Clarita about the significance of sunscreen use and goes into depth of what is in sunscreen. You might remember Dr. Newsom from a previous Insights lecture she had done on Sunscreen last July. If interested, click here. Additionally, We have provided you with 2019’s most safe and effective sunscreen ingredients according to Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit organization dedicated to informing the public on methods to live a healthier life through research.

See more from EWG.

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