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Financial Toxicity and Cancer

Financial toxicity describes the problems a patient has related to the cost of medical care. We understand that the cost of medical care not only causes financial problems but also affects a patient’s quality of life. At the center, we are able to provide the majority of our services to individuals and their families free of charge through generous donations.

The LA Times recently posted an op ed written by Dr. Fumiko Chino and Dr. Nathan Gray. Dr. Chino shared her story on cancer and financial toxicity through comic book illustrations by Dr. Gray. One of the panels can be seen above. To see the whole story click on the link below:
LA Times | Op-Ed: In med school, a mission found me. But it will never be just a job — cancer and grief brought me to it

Dr. Chino also co-authored a research letter in JAMA Oncology on the financial burden of cancer treatment. You will find that letter in the link below:
JAMA Oncology | Out-of-Pocket Costs, Financial Distress, and Underinsurance in Cancer Care

In 2017, NPR also posted a segment on Dr. Chino for “All Things Considered”. You can hear that segment below:

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