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Finding Joy: Making Friends with Change – LACNETS Blog

The biggest change for most of us as cancer patients was that moment when we were told we had cancer. In a completely incomprehensible whirl of medical terms, many describe that moment where we stopped listening, frozen in this new reality and what it might mean. We may recall hearing that neuroendocrine cancer is a manageable disease. This is the beginning of a long relationship with change – change in our bodies, change in our perspective on life and what really matters. For many, it’s also the beginning of loss – loss of previous roles in careers, in the family and with friends. 

Giovanna Joyce Imbesi, Founder, executive director of LACNETS

The excerpt above was taken from Giovanna Imbesi’s blog post on the LACNETS (Los Angeles Carcinoid Neuroendocrine Tumor Society) website.

As one who has taken advantage of Simms/Mann Center services, Giovanna has shared her powerful wisdom through her blog post and we wanted to share it with all the visitors to our site. Click the link to read the full article: Finding Joy: Making Friends with Change – LACNETS Blog

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