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How one boy coped with loss of his father from cancer

Theo Tittle grew up knowing his dad wasn’t like everyone else.

For starters, his father, Bently, battled a rare genetic form of kidney cancer that entailed three major surgeries, various cancer-fighting treatments and participation in a clinical trial. Beyond that, says Theo, his dad stood out as a “super irreverent” guy who embraced and loved everyone, especially those other people might view as oddballs.

When Theo was about a year old, his father was diagnosed with heriditary leiomyomatosis renal cell cancer, or HLRCC. The disease is extremely rare, impacting about 300 families worldwide, according to the National Institutes of Health. About 10 to 16 percent of those with the HLRCC disorder will develop that form of kidney cancer, the NIH says.

To read the full article on Theo Tittle click on the following link: How One Boy Coped with Loss of His Father from Cancer

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