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Patient Stories

Patient Stories

This section is dedicated to honoring the journey of patients with cancer, their friends and family members.

We recognize that each person’s journey is unique and is their own. We also know that it can be helpful to both express the experience and share it with others. Through art, pictures and words the pain and growth that comes from this journey is expressed. We hope that you will find opportunities to both express your journey through one of our groups or here on our web site in the “six word story”. We hope that reviewing other’s work will also be helpful to you while traveling your own path.


Six Word Cancer Stories

How many words would it take for you to express all the ways that going through cancer has touched you? What would you say if you could use six words only?


Healing Through Art

This group provides opportunities for healing through self-expression by giving voice to losses and fears and offering an active approach to integrating the experience of illness into the self


Unexpected Journeys

Six women who participated in a group for women with metastatic and/or widespread disease share their stories.


Beyond Words

This was the catalog of an art show that was held April 30 – June 30 in 2007 and was a cooperative effort between by the Simms/Mann – UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology and the New Center for Psychoanalysis

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