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Six Word Cancer Stories: From Patients/Survivors

  • Afterwards live life. 35 years already.
    – Greg Davidson
  • Face it Fight it Win it.
    – Kamille Crawford
  • Thank God, this is only temporary.
    – Dawn Berkey
  • I’ve truly learned to love myself.
    – Judith
  • My children need me. Must live.
    – Marcia Britvan
  • Wait, wait. I’m not done yet.
    – Anonymous
  • Thirteen years and still here. Wow.
    – Marcia Britvan
  • Lived a good life. Wanting more.
    – Sally
  • Not the same as before cancer.
    – Marcia Britvan
  • So much Hope, keep spirits high.
    – Annette
  • Much help. Good life. Give back.
    – Anonymous
  • I will get well, I promise.
    – Annette
  • Been there. Done that. Let’s go!
    – Anonymous
  • The best is yet to come.
    – Anonymous
  • Had much trauma. Have much joy.
    – Anonymous
  • Chemo: done. Radiation: done. Freedom – done!
    – Anonymous
  • Feeling good again, much to do.
    – Annette
  • Lucky to be alive and healthy.
    – Lisa

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