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Lisa Kring, LCSW

Lisa Kring, LCSW

Group Facilitator


I have been facilitating the Mindfulness Meditation group at the Center since 2009. The group meets weekly, is ongoing and open to all levels. No prior experience is required. Each group consists of a combination of secular experiential guided mindful meditations, personal sharing, and an education of mindfulness and its particular effectiveness and use for individuals with cancer and their family members. In the group, we learn to understand mindfulness as our awareness of our moment-to-moment experience, as it is arising, without judgment. Through direct experience, we discover that this practice is particularly helpful in coping with stress, chronic pain and anxiety. In the group, the intention is to facilitate the mind-body connection, which has been clinically proven to enhance health and well-being. We also learn, through embodied presence, to cultivate insight, balance, peace, wisdom, compassion, meaning, joy, self- love and deep healing in our lives. By connecting to ourselves and each other through mindfulness practice, in the moment, the group has proven to be an invaluable support system for those who attend.

Groups Facilitated

Mindfulness Meditation

Professional Work

As an undergraduate, I studied classical voice at the USC School of Music. I went on to sing professionally, touring throughout Europe. I settled down in Los Angeles and returned to school completing my Masters in Social Work from USC in 1994. I worked as a family court mediator at the Los Angeles Superior Court for almost 10 years, specializing in the changing family. I eventually left this work to focus on the care of my own children. I soon joined a study group with Dan Siegel, MD, and his work led me to MARC (Mindful Awareness Research Center) at UCLA where I began practicing mindfulness meditation with Diana Winston in 2003. The practice had a profound effect on my life and I began the MBSR certification process (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) through the Center for Mindfulness with Jon Kabat-Zinn and Bob Stahl. I currently lead MBSR classes and Mindful Parenting classes through other programs as well.

Personal Interests and Perspectives

I have always been interested in healing, through both the arts and social work. With the discovery of mindfulness meditation, both personally and professionally, I have found a true path. I am a committed practitioner; I practice and teach and attend at least two silent meditation retreats a year. The work I do with people with cancer and their families is especially meaningful to me, as I lost my maternal grandmother and two aunts to cancer. Coming to terms with the impermanent nature of all things is central to my practice. Along with my mindfulness work, I love travel, hiking, yoga, books, art, music, food and wine. I am a certified sommelier, and work also as a wine writer for the Edible magazines in Southern California, with a focus on organic and biodynamic wines that taste of place. I have a home vineyard that I farm biodynamically. I am strongly connected to my family. For me, life is about cultivating deep meaningful connections- to nature, to each other, to each moment, to one’s true nature.


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