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Insights Into Cancer – February 7, 2012

Cancer and the Internet: Making the Most of the Web

Presented by Annette Stanton, PhD and Elizabeth Thompson, MA

About the Lecture

How can the internet be used for gaining information and social support during and after cancer? Which internet sites can you trust for reliable medical information? Are there websites designed to help coordinate care and support during the cancer experience? What does research tell us about the effects of online support groups for patients?

Dr. Annette Stanton and PhD student Elizabeth Thompson present research on the benefits and hazards of using the internet as a resource and will provide practical guidance on internet use for individuals with cancer, families, and friends at all levels of familiarity with the internet. They will also present their own research on the psychological and social benefits of utilizing web-based technology during and after cancer treatment.

Participants will leave with written recommendations on accurate informational websites for cancer, as well as guidance on resources for setting up personal websites to communicate with family and friends.

About the Speaker

Annette Stanton, PhD is a UCLA Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry/Biobehavioral Sciences, Senior Research Scientist at the UCLA Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology, and Member of the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control Research in the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Elizabeth Thompson, MA, UCLA Clinical and Health psychology doctoral candidate, is specializing in adjustment to cancer.

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