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Insights Into Cancer – September 11, 2012

Lung Cancer 2012: Traditional and Novel Approaches

Presented by Edward Garon, MD

About the Lecture

Lung cancer is a very common malignancy. Treatments are currently available for patients with all stages of disease, and much research is also being conducted to improve currently available therapies. This talk discusses currently available therapies, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The role of surgical treatment and non-surgical interventional procedures for early and late stage lung cancer are covered. Targeted therapy has recently entered clinical practice. These advances are discussed, as well as clinical trials available at UCLA applying these types of approaches. Clinical trials often provide opportunities for patients to advance the science of lung cancer and to participate in trials of medications at an early stage of development.

About the Speaker

Edward Garon, MD is the Co-Director of Medical Oncology Program in Thoracic Malignancies, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology, at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Dr. Garon has published extensively in both laboratory and clinical research in the area of lung cancer. Dr. Garon focuses on translating developments in the laboratory into clinical studies, and eventually clinical practice. He is conducting several clinical studies. He actively sees patients with lung cancer, thus he understands the importance of quickly moving new therapies from research to bedside.

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