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Insights Into Cancer – March 8, 2016

Nutrition and Cancer – Emotional Eating

Presented by Carolyn Katzin, MS, CNS

About the Lecture

A diagnosis of cancer is an emotional time. Many people find solace in food which may be helpful or some choices may exacerbate underlying metabolic conditions. An example would be those who choose refined carbohydrates or sugary foods without including dietary fiber to lower the glycemic load. If there is an underlying tendency for prediabetes then common chemotherapy treatments may worsen glucose control. Another example would be those who prefer salty, crunchy types of snack foods who have underlying hypertension. Learning how to identify how you personally handle stressors with food can be empowering and during this lecture we will look at how to make small modifications to enhance wellbeing without worsening underlying metabolic conditions. Certain nutrients are especially helpful in supporting mental health. These nutrients include magnesium, vitamin B complex, choline, inositol and omega-3. Examples of foods that support mental wellbeing as well as healthy sleep patterns will be examined. We will review how to enhance typical emotional eating food choices to improve nutritional value. We will also look at other ways to integrate self-soothing modalities to reduce stress associated emotional eating.

About the Speaker

Carolyn Katzin, MS, CNS, MNT is an Integrative Oncology Specialist at the Simms/Mann Center where she sees patients for a highly individualized assessment of nutrition and supplements. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition at University of London’s King’s College and earned a Master of Science degree in Public Health in Nutritional Science from UCLA. She is author of several books including “The Everything Cancer Fighting Cookbook” and “The Cancer Nutrition Handbook”.

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