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Insights Into Cancer – September 12, 2017

Prostate Cancer 2017: The Coming Sea-Change of Prostate Cancer Care

Presented by Leonard S. Marks, MD

About the Lecture

Leonard S. Marks, MD, Professor of Urology, urologist and researcher, discusses prostate cancer and the state of the art of treatment and surveillance at all phases of the disease. MRI imaging (to visualize localized prostate cancer) and ultrasound guided biopsy (via the device Artemis) are being utilized at UCLA and changing the way we manage prostate cancer. Focal therapy research is very active at UCLA, involving multiple disciplines (radiology, pathology, and bioengineering, as well as urology). “Active surveillance,” an organized follow-up for men believed to have a ‘low-risk’ prostate cancer, is an important potentially, quality-of-life improving approach to prostate cancer care and is discussed. Current more aggressive treatment methods for higher risk prostate cancer and new treatments for advanced cancer are also presented.

About the Speaker

Leonard S. Marks, MD, a Professor of Urology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in the Department of Urology. Dr. Marks graduated from the University of Texas, where he received both the M.D. with AOA honors and Masters of Arts (Physiology) degrees. He served an internship and residency in surgery at UCLA/Harbor General Hospital. He completed his urology residency at UCLA and was Lecturer in urology there until entering private practice. He returned to the UCLA faculty in late 2008, following a lengthy career as a private practitioner and research foundation director in West L.A. He currently directs the UCLA “ASCAP” program (Active Surveillance for Carcinoma of Prostate). In 2014, he was named inaugural holder of the deKernion Endowed Chair in Urology. His current research interests focus on prostate disease, both benign and malignant, particularly the role of tissue androgens, cancer markers, prostate imaging, and minimally invasive treatments.

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