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Insights Into Cancer – December 11, 2018

Advances in Bladder and Kidney Cancers

Presented by Alexandra Drakaki, MD, Karim Chamie, MD, & Allan Pantuck, MD

About the Lecture

In 2017, there were more than 79,000 new cases of bladder cancer in the US. The first line standard therapy for patients with advanced cancer up until recently was chemotherapy. However, the response rate was low, and the 5-year survival was 5%. The treatment landscape is changing with the approval of novel immunotherapy drugs. Our presenters discuss how these drugs are incorporated into current practice and how a once-terminal disease is being transformed into chronic one. They will discuss clinical trials and treatment options for patients with localized bladder cancer.

In 2017, there were 64,000 new cases of kidney cancer in the US, with more than 25% presenting with metastatic disease. Our presenters will describe these new protocols being used to improve survival. They will also discuss novel immunotherapeutic drugs currently in clinical trials and kidney-sparing options for patients with localized kidney cancer.

About the Speakers

Alexandra Drakaki, MD, PhD, received her MD in Internal Medicine at a Tuft’s University affiliate program. She completed her hematology/oncology training at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center at Harvard Medical School and her research fellowship at Dana Farber Cancer Center Harvard Medical School in Boston. She specializes in genitourinary cancers, specifically cancers of the bladder, testis, urethra, prostate, and kidney. Her research interest is studying the role of a novel class of genes (non-coding RNAs, including microRNAs and linkRNAs) in genitourinary malignancies and is part of the Translational Oncology Research Laboratory at UCLA developing novel new drugs and leading clinical trials.

Karim Chamie, MD, MSHS, is the Director of the Bladder Cancer Program at the IUO. He attended USC Medical School and completed Urological training at UC Davis and a SUO certified fellowship in Urologic Oncology at UCLA. He has numerous clinical trials for patients with localized bladder cancer. His primary research interests are health services research and clinical trials in bladder cancer. His clinical interests include all areas of urologic oncology, with an emphasis on bladder cancer and robotic surgery.

Allan Pantuck MD, MS, Director of the Kidney Cancer Program at the IUO, attended Columbia University before going to Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Dr. Pantuck has a master’s degree in clinical research, and he bridges the gap between the basic laboratory research and clinical trials. His research focuses on gene and immune therapies for GU cancer, molecular and genomic characterization of kidney cancer, and nutritional chemoprevention of prostate cancer.

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