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Insights Into Cancer – February 13, 2018

Cancer and Aging

Presented by Patricia Ganz, MD

About the Lecture

In this presentation, Dr. Ganz will describe some of the common symptoms and problems that may persist after cancer treatment ends (e.g., fatigue, cognitive difficulties, and decreased physical stamina) which are often associated with frailty in advanced age.  Emerging information from the long-term follow-up of childhood cancer survivors and adult cancer survivors suggest that shortened lifespan and health span (increased rate of chronic conditions of aging) may be a consequence of cancer treatments.  The talk will highlight what we know and do not know, and how cancer patients and survivors can take action to counteract the potential effects of treatment-associated accelerated aging.

About the Speaker

Patricia A. Ganz, MD, a medical oncologist, has been a member of the faculty of the UCLA School of Medicine since 1978 and the UCLA School of Public Health since 1992. Since 1993, she has been the Director of Cancer Prevention and Control Research at the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center. Her major areas of research include cancer survivorship and late effects of cancer treatment, cancer in the elderly, and quality of care for cancer patients.

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