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Insights Into Cancer 2020 – Nutrition

The 3 MI’s: Vantage Points of Nutrition. What Really Matters?

Presented by Carolyn Katzin, MS, CNS, MNT

About the Video

Three new ideas about nutrition and health from different vantage points. The M.I.N.D. pattern of eating for overall wellbeing, a healthy and diverse gut microbiome for digestive health and mental wellbeing and functional mitochondria for vitality. Learn simple and easy to implement ways to enhance health at any stage of the cancer journey.

About the Speaker

Carolyn Katzin, MS, CNS, MNT is an Integrative Oncology Specialist at the Simms/Mann Center where she sees patients for a highly individualized assessment of nutrition and supplements. She completed the Stanford Professional Certificate in Genetics and Genomics from Stanford University in July 2017. Carolyn earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition (with honors) at University of London’s King’s College and earned a Master of Science degree in Public Health in Nutritional Science from UCLA. She is the author of several books including “The Everything Cancer Fighting Cookbook” and “The Cancer Nutrition Handbook.”

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