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Individual Integrative Assessments / Education

ind-oncology-assessmentWe have designed a special educational program for patients and family members to help you get your questions answered and develop an individually tailored plan to optimize wellness.

These educational sessions are conducted by one of our Integrative Oncology Specialists with extensive background in nutrition, integrative medicine, preventative health and complementary care. Below is a description of the session.

Individual Integrative Oncology Assessment by Integrative Oncology Specialist

  • Individual educational sessions (approximately one hour and fifteen minutes) for patients with cancer, post-treatment survivors or individuals at risk for cancer.
  • These sessions provide an opportunity to ask questions on nutrition, dietary supplements, strategies to decrease the likelihood of recurrence and enhance well-being.
  • The goal is to assess each person individually taking into consideration your own goals and tailor a wellness plan that you can implement.
  • Assistance with selecting appropriate nutritional and dietary supplements or herbs to optimize wellness and/or manage specific side effects or symptoms is provided.
    Educated advice on selecting and utilizing therapy offered by other CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) providers with referrals.
  • Patients complete a comprehensive multi-dimensional assessment prior to evaluation incorporating information from medical history, nutrition, complementary medicine practices, mind/body strategies, spiritual practices and goals. Medical records, if provided, must be received in advance of the appointment to save time during the in-person visit.
  • This program is not covered by insurance and is offered for a fee of $350.00

Integrative Oncology Specialist On Staff

Carolyn Katzin

Carolyn F. Katzin, MS, CNS, MNT

Scheduling an Integrative Oncology Appointment

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