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Look Good Feel Better

makeup-1195895Look Good Feel Better is a free program offered at Simms/Mann – UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology with the American Cancer Society that’s dedicated to improving the quality of life and self-esteem of people with cancer. Quarterly group sessions held at the Simms/Mann Center teach beauty techniques to help patients address the physical changes that can occur during cancer and its treatments with great confidence.

Cancer treatments, like radiation and chemotherapy, may have appearance-related effects that can have a negative impact on a person, both mentally and physically. Participants in this program receive complimentary cosmetics and learn skin care, make-up application tips, and the use of wigs and head coverings to help in getting more comfortable with the new changes to their looks.

For over 25 years, Look Good Feel Better has given women living with cancer and its treatments the tools to help enhance their looks while developing a network of beauty professionals to help with their mission. The Look Good Feel Better Program is a collaborative effort of the local American Cancer Society, Personal Care Products Council Foundation and Professional Beauty Association, allowing for beauty resources to be provided for their educational sessions. Experienced beauty professionals also volunteer to help conduct group programs at local hospitals and cancer organizations.

The group sessions are only a part of what they have to offer. Additional resources include one-on-one consultations, teen and Spanish programs, online support and a 24-hour hotline. For more information on how to take advantage of these other opportunities, go to:

To enroll in a Look Good Feel Better workshop at the Simms/Mann Center, you can call the American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345. Space is limited and reservations are required.

For more details on the support group and the dates it will be held at the Simms/Mann Center, go to:

The Simms/Mann Center also offers the Reflections Boutique to assist with physical appearance needs and includes many skin care products, hats, wigs, head coverings, scarves, mastectomy prostheses and bras as well as gifts designed to inspire patients through their experiences.

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