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Beautiful Bras for Beautiful Women

The piece below was featured by UCLA Health. To read more inspiring stories about the patients, families, volunteers and communities of UCLA Health visit

“We’re helping people see themselves in a different light and discover how beautiful they are,” says Kristine Knudsen, pictured left. Kristine, along with Angela Castro, is a certified mastectomy fitter in the Reflections Boutique at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Angela says, “A mastectomy is when a woman has her breast tissue removed, and a lumpectomy will be a portion of her breast removed. We fit patients for compression bras to help with recovery after surgery. Then, down the road, they can get mastectomy bras.” Nodding, Kristine adds, “People coming into this space are longing to be themselves. We tell them that while the post-surgical bras are basic and functional, once they have passed their six to eight week healing period, we have beautiful bras. They provide support. They have flat seams. They’re comfortable. Patients can picture themselves not in a two button and Velcro bra, but in these beautiful things.”

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