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Need Some Headspace?

“Mindfulness isn’t difficult. We just need to remember to do it.”

-Sharon Salzberg

Everyone deals with their own battles day to day, but dealing with cancer is a battle in itself. Most of us work long schedules so finding a way of meditating on the go can always be convenient and effective. A well-known Meditation app called Headspace has held a good reputation by patients. It helps it’s listeners by giving bite-sized guided meditations to tackle a variety of struggles whether it be stress, anxiety, etc and the best part is its free to join. If ever curious check out HeadSpace.

Part of the Simms/Mann Community? Check out Mindfulness Meditation

We have a great group facilitated by Lisa LaCorte-Kring, whom is a licensed clinical social worker and has been leading meditation groups all throughout Los Angeles for years. This group focuses on present moment awareness and really is a room without judgement where one can feel they can be open and expressive. We also have additional groups we encourage you to check out that are all different and unique in their own way.

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