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Nutrition and Immunity Webinar: What Matters Most About Our Food Choices in this COVID-19 Pandemic Era?

On August 12, 2020, the UCLA Health Integrative Medicine Collaborative hosted a webinar about our food choices in the COVID-19 pandemic era. The talk was presented by our Integrative Oncology Specialist, Carolyn Katzin. She reviewed how nutrition plays an important role in maintaining health during this unprecedented challenge to immunity. She focused on how to affirm the value of nurturing our wellbeing with foods that support our health.

Immunity and How our Immune System Works

Carolyn discusses:

  • What is Immunity?
  • How does it work and what nutrients supports immune effectiveness?
  • How age and chronic inflammation affect this? (Immunosenescence)

Microbiome and Effects on Immunity

Carolyn discusses:

  • How do trillions of microbes play a role in immunity?
  • What factors affect gut microbiome diversity (as a measure of overall health) – 30 or more species of plants vs 10 a week is the most effective but lifestyle including sleep also plays a role (Rob Knight and Microsetta Initiative at UCSD).
  • Role of dietary fiber/prebiotics and lowering glycemic load.

Practical Steps to Build Resilience In Current COVID-19 Situation

Carolyn discusses:

  • Value of an integrative approach to health.
  • Practical steps to building resilience – modifiable and non-modifiable.

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