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Prescription: Laughter

Happy couple outdoorsHave you ever felt guilty when you were having a bit of fun after cancer has been diagnosed in your family?

Cancer is a serious illness that requires serious treatment; however, maintaining psychological well-being is an important part of the healing experience. One’s psychological state can be affected by engagement in positive activities and joyful activities. It is important to try to segment life and find opportunities to have some fun. If feelings of guilt begin to enter the picture try to figure out where they are coming from.

Many people think that if they are having fun, then they aren’t taking cancer seriously. Being able to talk to yourself and reassure yourself that having some good times are both important and necessary for your well-being as well as your family. Try to let go of guilt and enjoy what positive activities and feelings you can create. Remember, while dealing with cancer, you are still trying to optimize your wellness and that includes both psychological and physical wellness.

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