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Carolyn Katzin, MS, CNS, MNT

Carolyn Katzin, MS, CNS, MNT

Integrative Oncology Specialist


As an integrative wellness specialist focusing on nutrition and physical activity, I hope to inspire and inform patients and their loved ones as they navigate cancer treatment and beyond. My goal is to provide helpful and practical suggestions that are science-based while valuing each person’s individual perspective and culture. My role is to educate patients and to empower them to participate in their wellbeing throughout the cancer continuum – from diagnosis to treatment and survivorship. Using a patient-centered approach I begin by learning about each patient’s value, their cultural background and story. This allows us to identify the perceived value of food and health and how together to craft an individualized plan for optimizing wellbeing. Each patient receives a personalized plan at the time of their visit along with a copy of my book “The Cancer Nutrition Center Handbook”, now in its 7th edition.


I feel blessed to have spent my childhood on a farm in Kent (“The Garden of England”) where we grew our own vegetables and fruit and ate locally produced food. My family were health oriented and encouraged me to study nutrition and to prepare food from an early age. I studied culinary arts and earned an advanced diploma. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition at London University’s King’s College. In 1981, I attended the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) meeting in San Diego, and was inspired to move to California and follow a research career in the field. The following summer I interned at UCLA’s School of Public Health with Roslyn Alfin Slater, PhD, Dean Emeritus and Chair of the Department of Nutritional Science. In 1983, I moved to Los Angeles to begin graduate studies with Curtis Eckhert, PhD, as my advisor. I earned a Master of Science degree in Public Health majoring in Nutritional Science from UCLA in 1988. The original science project focused on the role of dietary protein in the development of a well characterized form of retinal degeneration. This introduced me to the field of glycobiology. I was also drawn to the concept of personalized and preventive health with a glimpse into the future of applicable genomics. I completed my nutrition internship at Harbor-UCLA. I continue to study the literature, attend conferences, and participate in the development of nutrition and exercise guidelines honing my skills in wellbeing and oncology. In 2017, I completed a 6 part program in cancer genetics and genomics. The course covered “understanding cancer at the genetic level” and “frontiers in cancer genomics”. I continue to be fascinated by the emerging field of precision nutrition and cancer immunotherapy.

Professional Work

One of my first patients was a participant at the original Wellness Community in Santa Monica.  My practice has focused on empowering and informing cancer patients and their families for 30 years following the original “patient active” concept.  My website was launched in 1997. I have collaborated with UCLA Oncology faculty as well as other oncologists and have worked with both physicians and social workers at the Lucy Curci Cancer Center, Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage from 2004-2014. I value a collaborative approach.

I have been an active volunteer with the American Cancer Society for 30 years, working with groups and communities to further healthy environments, educate and advocate to support health and wellness. I served as a member of the Society’s National Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer Control Committee, am past Chair of the California Division Board of Directors. I was awarded the St. George National Award by the American Cancer Society in September 2016. I am a licensed nutritionist (CDN) in the State of New York. I participated in the workshop writing the ACS Nutrition and Physical Activity Guidelines for Patients.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and lecture frequently to audiences of patients with cancer and their families, health professionals, and lay people on various aspects of nutrition and immune wellbeing. I teach advanced practice nurses and dentists and UCLA about integrative nutrition. Recently I have focused on nutrition and immunity, what really matters in this time of pandemic.

Insights Into Cancer Lectures

Nutrition for Cancer Patients
Nutrition and Cancer: A Strategic Approach
Head and Neck Cancers: A Multidisciplinary Team for State-of-the-Science Care
Nutrition and Cancer – Emotional Eating
Nutrition and Cancer
Nutrition and Cancer – Wellness and the Immune System
Maintaining a Healthy Immune System Through Cancer Treatment and Beyond
The 3 MI’s: Vantage Points of Nutrition. What Really Matters?

Personal Interests and Perspectives

My grandparents lost a child to leukemia. This is a condition that has become curable with today’s knowledge. I hope that in my lifetime methods will continue to be found to prevent or manage cancer and prevent so much suffering and loss. I value working with an integrated team and believe that in the face of cancer, one benefits from a whole person approach. Good nutrition and exercise are important components of an integrative approach to traditional oncologic care. I believe food is part of our medicine and that there are a range of helpful practices for the mind, body, and spirit that can improve the quality of life. My goal is to help each patient their personal balance in this process.

I love hiking in the local mounts and walking on the beach. I have two dogs and two cats and have found their company invaluable during this past year of Zoom visits and shutdown. I am a mother and a grandmother.

Social Media

Facebook: Cancer Nutrition Center

Professional Publications and Books

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Katzin, CF. The Everything Cancer-Fighting Cookbook, Adams Media, 2011.

Katzin, CF. The Cancer Nutrition Center Handbook, 2019.

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