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Elizabeth Cleary, PhD

Elizabeth Cleary, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


My role includes providing support to patients and loved ones through workshops, training, information and education, advocacy within the healthcare system, and resources and referrals. I supervise and teach advanced graduate students in clinical psychology and social work, as well as lead consultation groups for the clinical staff.


After receiving my B.A. from Harvard College in 2005, I worked for two years as a research coordinator at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Anxiety and Traumatic-Stress Related Disorders, where I managed pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy studies for anxiety disorders. In 2007, I started my doctorate in clinical psychology at UCLA. My master’s thesis was a longitudinal study that examined the relationships between goal adjustment processes and clinically significant indicators of depression and anxiety in women with metastatic breast cancer. The project provided insight on how metastatic cancer impacts women’s life goals and how goal regulation processes account for significant variability in psychological adjustment to cancer. My doctoral dissertation examined the specific processes through which a web-based, psychosocial intervention for women with breast cancer helped enhance communication with their social support network and facilitated psychological well-being.

I completed several clinical internships during my graduate training, including two years providing patient care at Simms/Mann. Other clinical placements included leading groups for chronic pain and insomnia at Harbor-UCLA and providing couples therapy through the UCLA Psychology Clinic. I received my doctorate in clinical psychology from UCLA in 2013 after completing a full-time pre-doctoral internship at UCLA’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), where I provided individual and group therapy for undergraduate and graduate students. I then completed a year-long post-doctoral fellowship at CAPS, during which I provided care to many UCLA student-athletes.

Professional Work

Before coming to Simms/Mann, I worked at UCLA’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) as a staff psychologist. At CAPS, I provided individual counseling for undergraduate and graduate students, ran a variety of therapy and support groups, co-ran the Student Athlete Mentor program, provided clinical supervision for practicum students and pre-doctoral interns, conducted outreach and prevention programming with campus partners, and delivered crisis intervention.

I have co-authored over a dozen research papers, many of which focus on psychological adjustment to cancer.

Personal Interests and Perspectives

I have an outstanding group of extended family members and friends who live all over the country, and my husband and I greatly enjoy traveling to visit these loved ones. I have been a lifelong athlete and at different times, have focused on rowing, running, or playing soccer. Currently, I most enjoy keeping up with my children on the playground. I participate in multiple book clubs and have a long list of favorite podcasts that I listen to regularly while cooking or in transit. I am grateful to be part of the Simms/Mann team and to be working towards our shared mission of enhancing the physical, psychological and spiritual well-being of all of us touched by cancer.

Selected Professional Publications

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