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Emma Wookey

Emma Wookey



As a pre-doctoral psychology intern, I am responsible for providing psychological and emotional support to patient and families coping with the variety of stresses related to cancer. This includes assessing patient needs, responding to patients’ questions and concerns, meeting with patients in outpatient clinics, and seeing patients and family members in the Simms/Mann Center to help them manage cancer’s many challenges.


After completing my undergraduate in Psychology and Global Health from Rollins College in Florida, I had the unique experience of working in a health clinic in rural Kenya in addition to being a program developer for Health for Life, an organization providing mental health services and physical health education to rural Kenyan communities. I obtained my Masters in Clinical Psychology at Columbia University in New York emphasizing my studies on trauma and global mental health. While living in New York, I was able to work at the United Nations assisting and organizing an advocacy group, called “Friends of Mental Health and Well-being at the United Nations,” as well as, conducting research on mind-body interventions for the veteran population.

I am currently a second-year student in the clinical psychology doctoral program at Pepperdine University. Throughout my first year in the program, I have been able to gain clinical experience in a multidisciplinary rehabilitation program with serious and persistent mental illness population at the Union Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter and inpatient facility in Los Angeles’ Skid Row. I provided individual therapy, group therapy, crisis intervention, and psychological evaluation for patients with various psychological disorders and addiction. I had the opportunity to foster my passion for mind body interventions by co-facilitating a weekly mindfulness group for the residents of Union Rescue Mission. My dissertation is focused on the impact that stress has on our physical health and how mind body interventions can be used to impact psychoneuroimmunological mechanisms impacted by stress.

Personal Interests and Perspectives

I am originally from Toronto, Canada and come from a loving, supportive, and close family. In my free time I enjoy traveling and exploring new cultures with my friends and family. I am a former NCAA college tennis player and enjoy being active every day; whether it is exploring nature on a new hike in Los Angeles, learning to surf, doing yoga, playing beach volleyball, or keeping up my tennis game. I am eternally grateful to forever learn and grow personally and professionally from the people my career allows me to interact with daily. I have learned that all of our lives will be touched by cancer, which changes the way we live and love, as well as, allowing us to witness how humans are inherently stronger and more resilient than they could ever imagine.

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