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Jo Ann Meth

Jo Ann Meth

Advisory Board Member

Jo Ann Meth has been invested in philanthropic fundraising since she was a child raising funds to support Brownies.  She grew up with the philosophy that one should help others and give to those in need.    As a mother invested in the development and education of her now grown and successful professional three children, she served as an advocate and fundraiser to sustain the growth of three select schools in the Los Angeles area.  In addition, for 20 years she also served on the Board of El Nido Family Centers which is a non-profit agency providing youth counseling, parent education, child abuse and teen pregnancy prevention in Los Angeles County.

Jo Ann Meth is an alumnus of UCLA with a degree in Sociology.  UCLA’s blue and gold blood runs throughout her family including her husband, Robert Meth, MD, who trained as a physician here as well.  Jo Ann’s passionate commitment to the mission of the Center and to the holistic and care of individuals affected by a serious disease comes from being both a patient and a caregiver.  She served as an advocate through multiple family illnesses, including various forms of cancer, and understands first-hand the importance to providing good psychosocial care to patients and family members.  As a breast cancer survivor, who received her treatment here at UCLA, the board provided the perfect opportunity to help sustain the Simms/Mann Center so that that next family touched by cancer would have open doors to welcome both patients and families.

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