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Mary Saltzburg

Mary Saltzburg

Advisory Board Member

Mary Saltzburg is the person everyone wants on their team. She is a persistent and enthusiastic leader when she finds a cause that interests her. She has found that cause in the Simms/Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology.

Mary is a diehard Bruin fan, rarely missing a home basketball game. If you are on “her” team, her support is endless. This devotion is now being focused on Simms/Mann whose Advisory Board she has recently joined.

For many years Mary has practiced Family Law in Los Angeles, enjoying a very satisfying and successful career. She has balanced her work hours with raising a family and world travel with her husband, Bud Hoffman–also an avid Bruin fan. Last year when she learned she had cancer, she focused on returning to good health, and then decided she wanted to be part of the force working toward prevention and awareness of cancer, especially for women in their senior years. Mary was surprised to hear that many women after the age of 70 no longer felt they needed mammograms. Yet, she discovered, the incidence for breast cancer increases with age. It is now a goal of hers to help bring this awareness to others and to give added attention to quality of life issues post-surgery.

Mary’s golf game took a big leap forward, scoring her first hole-in-one in May. The ball she used was emblazoned with the logo for the Susan G. Komen Rally for the Cure and its distinctive pink ribbon. Coincidence? Maybe, but Mary is sure that joining the Advisory Board of Simms/Mann is a natural next step for her, and to it she will bring her feisty determination and tireless effort.

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