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Psychiatry Services

Optimizing wellness after a cancer diagnosis and beyond may include medications that assist with sleep, depression, anxiety, fatigue and other mood changes.

Psychiatry Services

It is not unusual for patients and family members to find benefit from specific medications that address mood alterations after a diagnosis and throughout the sometimes lengthy and difficult treatment and recovery period.

While oncologists can and do prescribe these medications for patients, we believe that the best approach includes an initial evaluation by a psychiatrist.  A psychiatrist has specialized training in medications that affect mood, concentration and energy, can evaluate your need for these medications, and can develop an appropriate plan for treatment and follow-up.  Our psychiatrist understands cancer treatment and its effects on brain chemistry. Thus, they bring a specialized expertise to help you tailor an individualized plan to help facilitate your wellness.

In cooperation with the psychiatry department at UCLA we now have our own psychiatrist, who sees patients through our Center.

If you would like to set up services with our Center or are interested in learning more, you can reach us at (310) 794-6644 or via email at

This program was developed in collaboration with the Roberta and Carl Deutsch Foundation and is, in part, supported by their generous contributions.

Our psychiatrist provides care on a fee-for-service basis. Because of our association with the Psychiatry Department, they will provide all screening and verification of insurance and inform patients of what to expect regarding fees and co-payments prior to your appointment.

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