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Psychiatry Services Fees and Insurance

Our psychiatrist provides care on a fee-for-service basis. Because of our association with the Psychiatry Department, they will provide all screening and verification of insurance and inform patients of what to expect regarding fees and co-payments prior to your appointment.

Please note that many insurance companies have a separate company handle all mental and behavioral health services (i.e. you may have Blue Cross for medical insurance but another company such as United Behavioral Health manages care from psychiatrists).  Many of these behavioral insurances are supported at UCLA.

Individuals who do not want to use their insurance or who do not have insurance are welcome to pay for these services by check, cash or credit card. If you choose not to use insurance, you will be informed of the fee and an appointment may be scheduled at the time of your initial visit to the Simms/Mann Center.

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy which means that you must notify psychiatry at (800) 825-9989 at least 24 business hours prior to a scheduled visit if you are unable to come to your appointment.  If your appointment is scheduled on a Monday, we must be notified by Friday morning. Please note that if you are not able to attend, you will be responsible for the fee unless we are able to schedule someone into that time slot. Please note the following exception to our 24 hour advance cancellation policy:

  • For the protection of our patients and our staff, we ask that you call to reschedule your appointment (even on the same day) if you feel that you are coming down with a cold, flu or gastroinestinal illness that might be transmittable particularly to patients who have a compromised immune system.

Please note that psychosocial services provided by the oncology social worker and/or psychologist is offered without fees for patients who receive their oncologic care here at UCLA.  We request that patients, family members or friends make a donation to help us continue to offer these services and expand programs to facilitate our ability to offer these services to patients and their family members now and in the future. Donate now.

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