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Scheduling a Psychiatry Appointment

Scheduling an Initial Appointment

If your doctor has recommended that you see a psychiatrist for medication evaluation or you think you would benefit from seeing one, please contact the Simms/Mann Center at (310) 794-6644.

Before scheduling an appointment with the psychiatrist, you must come into the Simms/Mann – UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology for an initial consultation with one of our staff clinicians who are clinical social workers or psychologists with a specialty in oncology.  Potential psychiatry patients must first be seen by a Simms/Mann Center clinician. Priority for the Simms/Mann Center’s psychiatry services will be given to patients who are receiving their primary oncologic care (medical, surgical and radiation oncology) here at UCLA.

The clinical social worker or psychologist at the Simms/Mann Center will gather information about you and help to determine which services in the Center might be most beneficial to you and will also be available to assist in referrals for other resources. If the clinician and you determine that a medication evaluation from our psychiatrist is appropriate, then your clinician will help you obtain an appointment in an efficient and timely way.

Please be prepared to give your clinician a copy of your insurance card as well as any information about your mental health insurance coverage. Insurance information will be given to the psychiatry department who will verify your coverage and assess your co-payment or responsibility. You will then receive a call from the psychiatry department to schedule your first appointment.

Scheduling Follow-up Appointments

Once you have seen the psychologist, you will be advised about scheduling a follow-up appointment.

You can directly call the UCLA Psychiatry Access number, (800) 825-9989, to schedule your next visit.

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