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Psychosocial Support

People facing a cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery have recognized for a long time the importance of psychological counseling, self-expression and support.

There is strong scientific literature that supports the value of these services in helping patients and family members live fully while learning to manage the challenges associated with cancer, its treatments and the many phases of care.

The Simms/Mann – UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology is committed to optimizing the psychological well being of patients and family members and provides services with a dedicated staff of psychologists, oncology social workers and other mind/body specialists.

For our UCLA patients and family members, we offer comprehensive psychosocial assessment and counseling. Interventions are oriented toward helping patients and family members to regain control and well-being while reducing the psychological stress of cancer. We also provide individualized opportunities to learn mind/body techniques for living with cancer and optimizing wellness.

In addition, we have a psychiatrist who is available for medication consultations.

Psychosocial Support
Psychosocial Support

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