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Individual and Family Support

individual family counselingIndividual, couple or family counseling can be an important part of optimizing wellness and improving psychological well-being after a cancer diagnosis, during treatment, recovery and survivorship.  Many patients benefit from only one or two sessions to identify needs and develop a plan.  On occasion individuals need referrals for more in-depth assistance.  We offer comprehensive psychosocial assessment and counseling.

Comprehensive psychosocial assessment and counseling

For UCLA patients and their family members, interventions are provided which are oriented toward reducing the psychological impact of cancer as well as teaching mind-body techniques to facilitate coping and wellness.  Psychologists and oncology social workers assist patients and family members both in the Center and in other UCLA oncology clinics to help assess needs, identify resources and provide concrete and psychological interventions. Referrals are often made to groups and workshops that are offered in the Center.

Individual counseling can also include learning mind/body techniques such as relaxation and guided imagery to help patients and family members cope with the stresses of the illness.

We encourage all of our UCLA patients to make a “New Patient” appointment at the Center by calling (310) 794-6644 or sending an email.  At this appointment your individual concerns will be reviewed, appropriate interventions suggested and helpful resources are provided.

Sometimes patients and family members feel less distressed during the cancer experience while at other times they may feel more overwhelmed.  By making contact with one of our clinicians, patients and family members can then reconnect on an as needed basis during more difficult times.

These services are provided without fees to patients who receive their primary oncology treatment at UCLA Westwood and/or one of the UCLA run practices such as Santa Monica, Pasadena, and Santa Clarita. We offer these services on a donation basis.

To inquire about enrollment in our groups, please contact the Center by phone at (310) 794-6644 or by email.

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