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About Other Items Helpful to Cancer Survivors

Gift Items

We carry hand crafted candles, unique scarves, handbags, books, journals, elegant napkins, jewelry, ponchos, and more! Our inventory is always being updated to provide our visitors with unique items.

We value cottage industries and local artists and have carefully curated our gift items to represent various styles and tastes.  Some of our local artists include Martell, Addictive Wellness chocolates and elixirs, Nick’s Sticks, Sibilia, Venius Turbans, and more.  The small businesses and global wellness efforts we support are Lua, Freeset, Bridge for Africa, Anokhi and The Haitian Water Project by Simbi.  We also carry designers Chan Luu, and Helen Kaminski and Barefoot Dreams.

Non-Metallic Deodorant

Reflections has a non-metallic deodorant that will not interfere with radiation therapy.

For more information about Reflections, call (310) 794-9090

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