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LACNETS Webinar: Riding the Cancer Wave—Spiritually Speaking ft. Michael Eselun, BCC

On December 9, 2021, LACNETS asked our chaplain, Michael Eselun, BCC, to give his talk titled “Riding the Cancer Wave—Spiritually Speaking.”

About the talk:

Riding the Cancer Wave—Spiritually Speaking: The journey through cancer is not unlike riding a wave—peaks, valleys, wipe outs, and even sublime thrills. No wave is exactly like another, and each surfer has a unique style and way to navigate the wave and all its surprises. Michael explores the qualities he’s observed that help patients and families ride the cancer wave with greater ease. He shares what can sometimes happen when lifelong beliefs meet the challenge of cancer—to the religious and secular alike. Michael discusses how it is that we tend to find meaning in the unlikeliest of places—including on the cancer wave.

From the LACNETS website:

The mission of the Learn Advocate Connect Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (LACNETS), a program by Generate Possibility, is to provide a community of support and education for patients/those with neuroendocrine cancer and to advocate for all people impacted by this rare disease by expanding awareness and by voicing the patient’s perspective in collaborative dialogue with healthcare professionals.

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