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Q & A About Sources of Support

Do you charge for the services provided by the Simms/Mann — UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology?

The majority of the Center’s programs are offered to individuals free of charge. No bills are issued for psychological and support services for our UCLA patients. We seek donations through voluntary contributions — not fees — from our patients, their families and other friends of the Center. We hope that these gifts will generate sufficient support so that we will never have to require fees from patients and family members for support groups, our lecture series or the individual and family counseling.

We do charge fees for the individual oncology assessments and small group classes with our integrative oncology specialists. However, these fees do not fully support these programs, and we would like to be able to offer a sliding scale fee in the future for patients and family members who lack resources to pay for these services.  In order to do this, we will need voluntary contributions to help support this goal.

We charge for the products sold in Reflections. Reflections is a not-for-profit organization which helps support operations and free services.

Do My Fees to the Medical Center Support the Center?

Our Center does not receive any portion of the fees you pay for your medical care.

What are the Center’s Sources of Support?

The Center is funded in a variety of ways, all of which are important. The Simms/Mann Family Foundation has a long history of substantial philanthropic support to the Center, and continues to provide significant funding for many of our programs and services. While we greatly appreciate the funding that we receive from the Simms/Mann Family Foundation, due to the high volume of patients and family members touched by cancer – and the extraordinary demand for our services – additional private donations of all kinds are needed.

The Center was initially developed and funded by the Ted Mann Foundation along with contributions from the School of Medicine, the Chancellor, and the Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation. As the size of the program has grown we have sought additional support and received time limited specific program gifts from several foundations, such as The Annenberg Foundation, The Joseph Drown Foundation, The Weingart Foundation, and The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation.

People who use our programs and their loved ones are another substantial source of our support.  Our lung cancer program was supported for five years by a substantial gift from the husband of a former patient. John Nickoll made a commitment for a $500,000 gift over a five year period. Our one-year operating reserve comes from an estate gift from someone who valued our programs and services and believed that they should continue.

People who use our center support the Center in different ways. Some people make regular donations when they use the Center. Others make monthly, quarterly or yearly commitments to help support the services that they use or to support services for others in the future.   Sometimes patients ask friends or family to make donations on their behalf because they personally are not able to make contributions. All of these donations support the current services as well as the future of the Center.

Could You Use My Gift?

Yes! Voluntary donations are necessary to sustain us.  We encourage everyone who uses our services to make a financial contribution. Regardless of size, your gift will play a vital role in ensuring the availability of care for everyone who needs it.

It also helps greatly when we approach foundations and corporations for gifts and grants. They often evaluate our merit by taking into consideration the number of “users” who voluntarily support us.

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