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Rippling Reflections

A blend of guided imagery and various creative modalities to enhance meaning, connection, and legacy.

The Simms/Mann-UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology invites you to participate in an empirically informed, introspective and imaginative program that helps patients focus on the meaning, wisdom, and perspective acquired throughout their lives, focusing on the legacy that they will be handing down to their loved ones and future generations. The program incorporates elements from Guided Imagery, Mindfulness, Music Therapy, Life Review, Legacy Making, Meaning-Centered, and Expressive Arts interventions. Few interventions address existential distress in a brief and flexible format while also facilitating legacy building through creative engagement. Rippling Reflections seeks to address this gap in a 3-session program that facilitates patients’ efforts to shift an often overwhelming experience into one that is soulful, reflective and creative.

Created and Facilitated by: Sydney Siegel, MSW
Co-Program Developer: Geoffrey Corner, MA

For Whom is this Program?

We believe legacy building and meaning-making can never come too early or late in the cancer and life experience. Therefore, we are offering Rippling Reflections to patients receiving care from UCLA’s Hematology/Oncology clinics during all phases of their illness. You will have an opportunity to include your loved ones in the final session.

News about the Workshop

Program Schedule

Participants will be accepted on a limited and rolling basis and scheduled individually for 3 sessions.

For more information about this program, please contact Sydney Siegel at or call 310-794-6644

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