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Tree of Life Fulfillment – Workshop

The Tree of Life Fulfillment Workshop is a 90 minute empirically informed workshop for oncology patients at UCLA. This workshop harnesses the power of the imagination through nature imagery and expressive arts to help patients experience the scientifically proven health benefits of trees within a medical setting. In this workshop, patients will have the opportunity to reflect upon ways in which they can live rich and meaningful lives full of growth and vitality in the face of cancer. Evidence based interventions that are incorporated into this program include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Guided Imagery, and Ecotherapy. This workshop also uses creative expression to help participants recognize their ability to adapt, grow, recognize newfound strengths, and connect to values in the midst of hardship, therefore promoting resilience to weather life’s greatest storms.

Developed and Facilitated by: Sydney Siegel, MSW

Comments from Previous Workshops

  • “This workshop taught me that my tree can endure the winters, my roots are strong and spring will come. I feel renewed. Thank you.”
  • “The leader connected with us and we connected with each other. We learned a lot – it was real nourishment.”
  • “It helped me perceive my illness in a new light – with positivity, hope and acceptance.”
  • “This was a truly transformative group that helped me get in touch with what matters most deep in my roots. Thank you so much!”
  • “My spirit was lighter when I left, and the habit of mindfulness is with me more than before. Your workshop works!”

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Workshop Schedule

Please note that this workshop is intermittently offered and does not have a regularly scheduled date or location.

For more information about this workshop, please contact Sydney Siegel at or call 310-794-6644

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