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Young Woman Values Psychosocial Support

1040_907392611_customThis is the story about the power of one person and the impact that she is having on many patients who will receive a diagnosis of cancer as her family did twice; once with her father, Michael Lenvin, and once with her mother, Gail Lenvin. After losing both of her parents to cancer, Amanda Lenvin, now 29 years old, knows better than most that having knowledgeable psychosocial supportive care can make the difference in how a patient and family lives with the diagnosis. Amanda lost her mother in 2014 and her father in 2012. In Amanda’s words, “The counselors at Simms/Mann worked with my family and provided invaluable care, helping us navigate the painful process with integrity and love. It is with great excitement that I am able to give back to an organization that has been so instrumental in my healing process.”

It is with great gratitude that we recognize recent efforts of Amanda who started a webpage on our UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center site and has been emailing friends and families asking them to join with her in supporting the Center. Amanda has been participating in raising funds for the Center since her mother’s diagnosis. She is currently holding an online fundraiser that’s so far brought in over $10,000 in donations with more than 100 people donating. She has shown us that one person through her passion and commitment can raise funds through social media, and a simple web based application available through the Center.

Amanda has shown her appreciation to the Simms/Mann Center through other fundraisers in recent years. In 2014, a bridge tournament fundraiser dedicated in her mom Gail Lenvin’s honor was organized by her mother’s friends and supported by Amanda. In 2015, she was able to get a grant donated through Wendy Walk, an organization that raises money for Liposarcoma research. Now this year, her online fundraising page is helping us to meet a matching challenge grant by Darcie Denkert Notkin and Shelby Notkin that triples the resources to the Center by matching donations 2:1 made through June 30th, 2016.


If you are interested in contributing to Amanda’s fundraiser or you want to see the simple platform she created as you think about what you might do, you can find the link here:

Amanda has done this without incurring any expenses. She hasn’t had to leave her home, walk miles, complete triathlons or bike miles. Her passionate words about her personal experience and her list of friends and family along with a simple web page has illustrated the power that one individual can make on the lives of many. With both of Amanda’s parent having passed away from cancer, she’s found meaning to honoring their memories through these different fundraisers. We need others like Amanda to help us raise the funds that are necessary to provide our free care; $1,000 per year supports one family member or one patient. Amanda has proven that small donations by many can add up to significant contributions and this is especially true when we have larger donors dedicated toward matching!

To access information about the Simms/Mann Center matching grant, go to:

For more information on setting up your own personal donation webpage and holding a celebration fundraiser, go to:

If you have questions about creating your own celebration fundraiser, please contact the Simms/Mann Center at or call (310) 794-6644 for more information.

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