We host many different types of events at the SimmsMann-UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology. Our offerings include the Insights Into Cancer public lecture series, as well as regular groups, workshops and occasional special events.

Stay informed on upcoming support group meetings and events for the Simms/Mann UCLA Center. Click here for our calendar for groups & events.

Insights Public Lecture Series

Insights Public Lecture Series »

These public lectures present up-to-date information, practical advice and answers from leading professionals in the field. Learn more »

Workshops & Classes

Workshops and Classes »

We offer a variety of classes and workshops on a wide array of subjects. Some of them take the form of Groups, while others are stand-alone. Learn more »

Special Events »

Occasionally we have the opportunity to host or participate in a variety of special events that provide benefits to our clients and community. Learn more »

UCLA Research Studies »

Research is how we learn about best ways to provide all types of care for patients with cancer which you may be interested in participating. Learn more »