Integrative Oncology Services

Becoming educated by well trained integrative oncology specialists who are knowledgeable about nutrition, dietary supplements and complementary care is essential in helping you become as healthy as possible after a cancer diagnosis.

nutrition  Integrative Oncology Services

Our integrative oncology specialists have extensive experience working in the area of cancer and cancer prevention and have special training and knowledge in the areas of diet/nutrition and the appropriate use of supplements, symptom management, wellness and immune support to help you make good choices, and to create an individualized wellness plan that takes into consideration your treatment status.

We offer two types of services:

Individual Integrative Assessment by an Integrative Oncology Specialist:

Individual educational sessions for patients with cancer or individuals at risk for developing cancer providing an opportunity to receive extensive personalized education on nutrition, dietary supplements, strategies to optimize wellness during cancer treatment, and enhance well-being. We allow sufficient time to answer all of your questions. Body composition will also be assessed as part of this session and will provide you and the specialist with information that may be helpful to you in your personalized plan for wellness. A family member of friend may attend. Learn more »

Educational Groups by an Integrative Oncology Specialist:

We can present a seminar (4-6 participants) on specific topics for your small group. These seminars will be intimate and allow for some individual attention while still covering all the basic information on the topic. Our experts can also arrange seminars for specific subgroups of patients with a similar diagnosis. To arrange an educational group, please contact us with a group of 4-6 people with interest in a particular topic and we will tailor the seminar to your group’s specific interest. Learn more »

Our Integrative Oncology Specialist

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Scheduling an Appointment

If you would like to be contacted about scheduling an appointment for an integrative oncology counseling assessment/educational session, please send us an email with how to contact you.

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